Real Estate Law

Greg R. Garner is skilled and experienced in all legal matters involving residential and commercial real estate, and is ready to assist you with any legal issues you face regarding Florida real estate.


Title & Closing Services:

We can provide you with efficient, accurate, and professional title and closing services when you are involved in the sale, purchase, or refinancing of residential and commercial real estate, and are able to assist you in all stages of a real estate transaction including:


• Drafting and review of the initial contract

• Drafting and review of closing documents

• Performance of title and lien searches

• Resolution of title issues or disputes that arise

• Issuance of title insurance policies

• Representation at closing


With the amount of detailed paperwork and complexities involved in any real estate transaction, whether large or small, you do not want to exclusively rely on the advice of your real estate agent.  You need to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney in your corner who will make everything easy to understand and ensure that your interests are fully protected and represented.


Landlord/Tenant Disputes:

We represent both landlords and tenants in disputes involving residential and commercial lease agreements, lease violations, and eviction proceedings.


Foreclosure Defense:

Florida has one of the highest rates of mortgage foreclosure in the entire country.  When faced with the prospect of losing your home after being served with a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit, it is extremely important that you immediately speak with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney.  We will force the lender to actually prove their case against you, ensure that no fraud has been committed, and confirm that all applicable laws and procedures have been followed.


This can significantly increase the amount of time you are able to remain in your home without having to make a mortgage payment, during which time we can actively pursue an alternative resolution of the case through loan modification, short sale, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.  If you are ultimately unable to keep your home, it is our goal to make sure you get the most favorable outcome possible given your particular unique situation.


Other Areas of Real Estate Law:

In addition to the areas described above, we are also knowledgeable in the resolution of other legal issues involving their Florida real estate, including:


• Drafting and negotiating residential and commercial lease agreements

• Easements and easement disputes

• Property boundary disputes

• Homeowners Association (HOA) and Condominium Association issues

• Curing of title defects and quiet title actions

• Ejectment

• Unlawful Detainer

• Partition

If you have legal questions regarding Florida real estate or need assistance, guidance, or representation for any issue involving Florida real estate, please feel free to contact The Law Office of Greg R. Garner, P.A. to schedule a free initial consultation.

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